About Base Enterprise

HISTORY: Base Enterprise UK was set up in 2001 and has been working on business websites since that time. Our portfolio of work includes companies that needed large scale, robust websites that could handle tens of thousands of hits per day, required on-line payments, recording of transactions, PDF generation, accounting and administration. Our smartphone division now utilizes that experience to develop Apple iOS and Android apps for existing businesses or new projects.

DEVELOPMENT: From the viewpoint of development, we utilze an extensible object-oriented platform upon which we can rapidly develop and deploy applications that integrate existing data and systems. Our development platform allows us to build applications that leverage the connectivity that the Internet or an intranet provides using a multitiered client-server architecture.

THE WEB: Originally the web was created to simplify access to electronically published documents. The webpages were just static text pages with hyperlinks to other documents. However, they quickly evolved into highly graphical animated presentations. Along the way, a degree of interactivity was introduced, allowing people browsing the web to fill out forms and thereby supply data to the server.

INTERNET TODAY: Our applications allow a huge logical step forward. We produce full-fledged applications for use either across the Internet or within a corporate intranet. Users not only fill out forms but can author content stored in back-end databases, connect to web services and drive their business through dynamic and fit-for-purpose software applications.